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Drake’s Entire Album Is On The Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart, Sets New Record For Most Concurrent Songs On Chart

Drake Vs Lil Wayne - Camden, NJ

Billboard has broken the news on Drake’s latest accomplishment. Go ahead and add this to his list of accolades. They report:

Drake rules 42 percent of the 50-position Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart (dated March 7), as the hip-hop star has 21 concurrent songs on the tally — breaking his own record for the most simultaneously charting hits in the history of the chart. (The new chart will be refreshed on Billboard’s websites on Thursday, Feb. 26.)

Seven more tracks from his surprise album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late debut on the newest chart, joining the 10 already-charting cuts from the set. Thus, all 17 tracks from Drake’s album are charting on the tally.

His grand total climbs to 21 charting tracks, as he’s also a featured act on four additional songs.

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Drake’s Mixtape Will Count Towards Cash Money Contract

It had it been speculated by many people, including us, that Drake’s new project — If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late — would count towards his Cash Money contract in which he was obligated to deliver four retail albums. It has been confirmed that the release will indeed count, which now basically makes Drizzy a free agent. But that’s not all, continue below for the rest:

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Drake’s Mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” Debuts At #1

Yes, you heard that right. Drake’s mixtape, not album, debuted at #1 this week. The OVO/Young Money artist managed to move 497,602 copies (541,585 including streaming) since it’s release late Thursday night. These are first week numbers, but keep in mind that this was only available for four days seeing as it wasn’t dropped on Tuesday like normal retail projects. Impressive.

Drake – 6PM In New York

We’re sure you’ve already heard this song, along with rest of Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late project that dropped last night. With that said, we felt this standout track deserved it’s own post, being the followup to “9AM In Dallas” and “5AM In Toronto“. Drake was aiming at the rap game on this one as he’s been known to do in this series, but no shots rang off louder than the one’s directed right at Tyga’s dome. Check out the track and what he had to say after the jump.

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Did Drake Pull A Fast One On Birdman With New Album Release?

Did Drake Pull A Fast One On Birdman With New Album Release?

So as you all know by now, Drake randomly dropped his new mixtape/album/whatever the fuck out of the sky late last night. He’s calling it a tape, but it’s a straight-to-iTunes release over all original production so we’re going to override you here Aubrey and call this shit an album, ight? Now, the project was great as expected, 6 God came through with the holy water to quench everybody’s thirst, as usual. But let’s get down to the real potential genius behind this release…

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[Video] Drake – Jungle (Short Film)

With the rumors of a Drake mixtape set to drop any day now, Drizzy decides to release a new short film out of no where which has us more convinced that new music could release at any second. At the 13:35 mark of the video, the radio announcer comes on and says, ..and now, a new cut from the upcoming mixtape of our favorite hometown artist” — so a mixtape is for sure on the way. Just remember, tomorrow is the 6 year anniversary of Drake’s break through mixtape So Far Gone. Stay woke!