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[Video] 50 Cent – You Know

50 Cent debuts a brand new video for “You Know” which appears on his latest album, Animal Ambition. Directed by Eif Rivera.

50 Cent On FOX, Announces New G-Unit Album

Welp. It’s been confirmed. A new G-Unit album is coming, and you can expect it to drop late November. Remember that 50′s own album, Street King Immortal is supposed to drop this year as well, which may get pushed back. 50 also talks about a few other topics such as Floyd Mayweather, and roasts the one news anchor a little bit. Sidebar: I wonder if he ever gets tired of white people calling him “Fiddy”.

[Video] 50 Cent’s Entourage Robs Rapper Slowbucks For His Chain On Summer Jam Stage

Some of you may remember Slowbucks posted a photo with 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson, on his Instagram. 50 Cent commented on the picture, saying “This picture was a bad idea.”

I guess we now know what he meant.

While 50 Cent was performing at Summer Jam, his entourage was caught off to the side, jumping Slowbucks & snatching his chain. Don’t mess with Fif.