Young Jeezy – Jet Life / Itchin (Remixes)

Young Jeezy – Jet Life / Itchin (Remixes)

Here’s two new G-Mixes from Young Jeezy. He drops a verse on Spitta’s “Jet Life”, and adds a verse onto the end of Future’s “Itchin”. Minor tags from Tapemasters Inc.

Download: Young Jeezy – Jet Life (G-Mix)

Download: Young Jeezy – Itchin (G-Mix)

Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Freestyle) (Drake Diss)

Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Freestyle) (Drake Diss)

Nobody wants to chill anymore, nope. Rihanna got these motherfuckers doing inexcusable shit at this point. Drake throwing bottles, Chris Brown recording diss records, etc. I’m still trying to figure out why Drake is the common denominator in all of these “beefs” lately. At some point you have to ask yourself, is EVERYBODY really against me, or am I doing shit to piss these dudes off? Anyways, here’s goes Chris Brown trying to be a rapper once again as he hops on the “I Don’t Like” instrumental to diss Aubrey. I guess he picked the right beat, though it would’ve been more authentic over the “Exodus 23:1” instrumental in my opinion.

Download: Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Freestyle) (Drake Diss)

Chevy Woods & Black Cobain – Convo / No Love Without You

Chevy & Black Cobain linked up and exchanged features. Cobain hopped on Chevy’s track “Convo”, and Chevy returned the favor by hopping on Black Cobain’s “No Love Without You.”

Download: Chevy Woods – Convo (Feat. Black Cobain)

Download: Black Cobain – No Love Without You (Feat. Chevy Woods)